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LPR Technology

License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology is the solution that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to automatically monitor building traffic. When car plate number is recognized by our state-of-the-art software, if the vehicle is registered, the garage door will automatically be opened without any fob or key. Our firm provides a fully automated entrance system (camera, software, and cloud APIs) which can be installed in your condominium. Our easy-to-use system can be integrated to your existing property management system.


LPR camera

License Plate Recognition Camera

a high quality camera captures plate number of the cars standing in front of the building. Advanced camera technologies work for day and night vision with IR technology.


Cloud Service

Property management authority will have the capability to connect to the cloud and update resident information from any device. Residents, also, can access their portal to give information about visitors, 

On-premise Linux

On-premise Software

A software installed on the premise to use with the camera and to open the gate. Such offline software guarantees 100% functionality of the system without connection to Internet.

Half of my time is spent on opening garage doors either to open gates for visitors or when residents do not have their fobs or it is not working properly.

Vishal Patel

(Condominium concierge for more than 5 years)

We have The best solution right for you


Our system increases security of the building by only allowing registered cars entering the property. Complete list of entrances and exits of the vehicles creates real-time monitoring for any unusual activities.


With high resolution cameras and machine learning algorithm, our system guarantees 99.9% accuracy as well as improvements over the time.


Without the need for any tool, residents and visitors can enter the property based on their car information. A keyless and fob-less product will increase convenience for both residents and security personnel.


Our solution can be easily integrated into any products in property management with easily updating list of vehicles upon registration.

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